Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can you say.... LAZY?

Our little lady has decided it's just too much for her to stand up to eat or drink.... she has to lay down or else she might faint from the exhaustion of it all. Too funny!
Look how big she's getting! I can't really even hold her in my lap in the car anymore, and definitely NOT while I am driving. She has landed on her favorite toys though, an old slipper and a pair of last summer's flip-flops I hadn't brought myself to throw out yet. Not the spendy little bouncy ball and toys we got her from the pet store. What is it about puppies and shoes? At any rate, our little princess is really settling in to her place in the house. On the couch, on the bed, on a lap...... course I don't think I'd have it any other way. :)


  1. LOL!! That is too funny Amy. I thought dogs weren't supposed to become lazy until they got old.

  2. That is what I was going to say - my old dog does that! I don't think he does it on purpose thought!
    Cute pics of Cassie, she is getting big and her eyes are changing.