Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Remembering when.....

..... my little boy got his first puppy. Course he's not so little anymore, 17 years old already and 18 is closing in fast. I came across these pics the other day and almost cried! He was such a little cutie! I miss those days, when everything in a two-year-old's world is new and exciting. Sometimes I wish I could rewind, just for a minute. Such sweet and innocent days. I picked up Emily from the breeder on Halloween 1994. She was with us for nine years before developing cancer. We've had several dogs since then, but none as special as her. There's just something wonderful about getting a puppy and watching her grow with your child. Now that I have Katy and Grace, it's their turn for something wonderful. Stay tuned........ :)


  1. Beautiful layout Amy. Most days I wish I could rewind the clock.

  2. I have since changed the date on this layout. We got Emily in 1994, not 2004!!!