Saturday, August 15, 2009

Meet Our New Baby Girl

A six-week-old Chocolate Lab, a surprise for my hubby, who has always wanted a Chocolate Lab. She's actually a mix, the daddy is Chesapeake and the mama is lab. Isn't she the sweetest? Last night was her first night away from her mom and her nine brothers and sisters and she did surprisingly well, she only woke up one time during the night to potty. She went back to sleep until five-thirty when she woke up and decided she wanted to play. Five-thirty? I don't even know what five-thirty looks like, but guess who ended up downstairs playing with her for an hour before she tuckered out again? Well it wasn't my husband! I didn't mind too much though, she's pretty hard to resist right now. Bill said he can't remember the last time he was so surprised, and he is already in love with her. We haven't landed on a name yet, but we're tossing a couple around. Of course Katy and Grace are beside themselves excited! I will be posting video soon of the puppy chasing them, it's the cutest thing I've ever seen! Hmmm, I think she's found one of Billy's good shoes.... better go rescue it. I suppose I better get to puppy-proofing the house too!


  1. Awwww.......she is adorable!!! Makes me want another puppy until I read that you were up at 5:30. LOL!! Can't wait to see what you name her.

  2. She is too cute! Does she sleep in a crate??? We put our new pup in a pet carrier when we went to bed the first night we brought him home and he didn't make one sound! Of course, now he sleeps with us, but he still goes in his box when we leave the house.