Monday, April 5, 2010

New Additions

So instead of mountains of candy this year we decided to get the girls some chicks! Of course they got a little candy, and what we didn't give, Grandma & Grandpa were glad to fill in :) These are guaranteed little girls, so we won't have any rooster problems later on. Aren't they cute!So far, the new babies are all the girls can think about and they want to hold them all the time! I am confident the new will wear off a bit once they get a little bigger grow a few more feathers, but for now those tiny fluff-covered chicks are too hard to resist. This picture cracks me up.....
So sweet!

By the end of the first day with us, the chicks were totally exhausted from all the holding and playing and trying to escape the grip of little fingers. But they are much calmer already and I think they will be really tame when they're full- grown.
They'll be inside for about 6 weeks or so, which will hopefully be enough time for my husband to get the coop built behind the shed in our side-yard. Since my greenhouse bit the dust, we have a perfect place for it! We're all looking forward to fresh eggs, too, but we'll have to wait a while for that. Having chickens should be an adventure (especially with a curious cat and an over-active puppy). Wish me luck :)


  1. Just toooo CUTE!! The chicks AND the girls!!!

  2. Darling pictures of darling chicks and chickie kids. My step dad once gave us ducks for Easter and they followed us everywhere. We found them good homes in the country.

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