Saturday, March 27, 2010

Separation Anxiety

My husband says I have too much scrappy stuff. It's taking over. It's everywhere, all the time. Can't really say as I blame him... I do have a lot of stuff. In going through a few of my drawers the other day I came across tons of stuff that I have never even opened!! Brand new product, just waiting to be used. The problem is, every month I get new (the latest and greatest) product from Kit 'n Kaboodles. Additionally, in these trying economic times it's becoming harder and harder to justify hoarding all of it. You can see my dilemma. So, hard as it is, I have decided to part with some of it. My loss can be your gain, if you are interested at all in some extra product for a great price I have four listings (so far) on eBay. So the product may not be the newest to hit the scene, but it's new! Go take a look :)


  1. Sorry you are selling some of your supplies but I totally understand. You should see my space. LOL.

  2. Good luck with your ebay sale. A ton of mine is going up at a lss garage sale soon and the rest I donate to a charity like a boys or girls club.