Thursday, October 22, 2009

My little dancing girl

I have to share this photo. Gracie, my three-year-old, started ballet classes with Ballet Rogue a month or so ago, just in time to start learning the holiday performances. The costumes came in last week, and of course with it being her very first one -- and with her being sooo excited about it -- I had to have her try it on and pose for me a little (please try not to notice the dinner she still had on her face, or her bangs that desperately need a trim) and isn't she the cutest!! The bodice is actually a very dark green, with sparkles of course. I can't wait for the performances, as parents are not allowed to observe classes in progress, which means I haven't seen the dance yet. Seriously, the suspense is almost more than I can handle. One of the performances is going to be at the Providence Festival of Trees , which is an annual local benefit event. Oh, the photo-ops that await :)


  1. Oh my goodness, she is the cutest little ballerina ever!

  2. OhMY...that is one cute Missy! Now that song, "
    Dance Ballerina Dance!" is playing in my head. Soooooooooooo cute!