Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Look who's FOUR

My littlest girls birthday was the 26th, she's not a baby anymore! We kept it simple this year and had a small little get-together with some family, with just cake and punch. Last year's birthday party for her was insanely crazy -- all the neighborhood kids, all the family, ponies, pinatas, and everything in between -- and I love to be able to do that for the kids every couple years or so. Not this year! But she loved it just as much. I think at this age it's still magical just knowing it's her birthday -- not because of what she gets to do on her birthday or the gifts she receives.
Knowing they would be gone, her Grandma and Papa West left a couple of gifts for her at their house before they left for Tombov. She was tickled as can be with her elephant bank, which has become a birthday tradition from them. It's amazing they can even find elephant banks on a regular basis! They don't come easy, I've looked. But thanks to them, she's got quite a little collection going.
Naturally, sister had to help with all of the gift opening. Most of her help was welcome, some..... not so much. But they worked it out. :)
I kept the cake nice and simple this year too. I used some little wafery-type roses and daisies that my mom and dad brought back from the Ukraine for me several years ago when I was still really into cake decorating. They added a festive touch to the otherwise plain cake (for whatever reason I didn't make a double batch of frosting, leaving me with nothing for decorating or writing on her cake). Luckily the only instructions from the birthday girl were white cake with
chocolate pudding filling, so the flowers were just fine and she thought it was great! Nate was there just the right amount, even allowed me to take a few pictures of him! Grace really adores him and he is so good to the girls. He is such a good big brother.

I love this picture of me with my baby girl. Billy is really getting good behind the camera!!
Grace really got into her cake this year too. I think she ate all the pudding out of the middle before she even ate the cake part. I must have done something right with that cake because she made a point to say "Mommy this is GOOD CAKE!" (emphasis hers) :)

Her gift from us this year was a Baby Alive doll, which was a specific birthday wish, so you can correctly assume that this went over very well. She was so excited about it, she fed it right away, and changed it's diaper just as soon as she was done feeding her (this all took about five minutes LOL), and today she named her Abby. Grace has always loved to play with and care for dolls, this was really perfect for her. Kids are so funny, and they grow up so fast.... yesterday she had her birthday with so many fun things to remember about it, and today she asked me, "Mommy, is it my birthday yet?"


  1. What a great b'day! and that little girlie sure looks like her mama! Pretty pretty pretty!

  2. nice blog with a nice picture of cutie. She had a wonderful birthday. My best wishes are with you. She is adorable. Iflorist.co.uk

  3. Awww bless ... what a little cutie ... Happy Belated birthday from me :0)