Friday, September 7, 2012

It's Back-To-School Crop time!

I love summer time and having the kids home all day with me, really.... but I will be the first one to admit that it's somewhat of a relief when they head back to school and we can all get into a nice routine again! That's as good a reason as any to have a little party, right? So.....

I hope you are ready to get some scrapping done because the Chicks have been busy creating some super-fun and unique challenges for you! You will find the crop forums here. We're not only cropping either... we have another rousing game of Bingo this evening at 8:30 eastern time which nobody wants to miss! You can find out how to participate in this post. Check out all the different way you can win this weekend:

Completing Crop Challenges
Participating in Crop Games
Facebook Fan Drive

The FB Fan Drive is probably the easiest way to win... simply tell your friends to head on over to our page, click "Like", and then post a comment telling who sent them there. The person who has the most friends to do this will win a previous month's Kit of their choice! How simple is that?! And that's not all.... if one of your new-following friends becomes a subscriber by Sunday, September 16th, they will also win a free kit! A total win-win, wouldn't you say? And just in case you haven't checked out our kit's in a while, have a look at September's Kit

You have until next Wednesday to complete challenges -- that's nearly a week! Heck, I'll even find the time to scrap in a week  :)  The crop forums are public so you don't even have to be a registered member at the Hen-House to see the challenges. If you want to play Bingo or any of the games though, you'll need to register. It only takes a minute and we'll be checking regularly all weekend long to make sure new hens are activated as quickly as possible!

So I hope you'll come play and chat and scrap with us! 

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