Tuesday, December 29, 2009

KNK January kit reveal #1

I am sooo in love with the papers in this kit! What's crazy about that is I would never have picked these papers out for myself. They look intimidating. The patterns are big and really bright. But *wow* did I have fun with them! Gerrianne really did an amazing job putting this kit together!
On this first layout I used several of the die-cuts from the die-cut sheet in the embellishment add-on, including some of the negative pieces. Because of the bright and bold patterns in the paper I chose simple photos that didn't have a lot of background clutter, and only one complimentary color. On the second layout, I again chose photos with uncluttered backgrounds; the solid blues of the ocean really pop against the bright papers and black background. I limited myself with embellishments here, since I wanted the different sized photos to stand out and be the focus, so instead I used a little glitter (Diamond Stickles) to add some emphasis.
I am looking forward to doing my next layout, because I have barely tapped the embellishment options in this kit. So much fun!


  1. Love it!! You really are amazing!

  2. I love those PaperTrunk Papers too! I just did a layout that she posted on the Paper Trunk blog. I bet if you put a link on her blog she would post your work. You did a awesome job with that paper!

  3. WOW! Great layouts!!!! Star is right, I love to share projects featuring Paper Trunk...can you send them to me for the blog??? carrie@papertrunk.com