Friday, November 27, 2009

A happy boy!!!

About a month ago my son's guitar got broken..... it was a mystery, noone really knows how it happened he just found it in a couple pieces on the floor, the neck snapped. We finally took it in to get it fixed and the cost of the fix was more than half the worth of the guitar. So on Black Friday we took him to get a new one and I'm so excited for him! Not to mention Nate, he is absolutely giddy.
Isn't it gorgeous? He totally deserves it too... he got a 3.85 gpa for last semester, he been working like crazy to get on track to graduate and he has done it, we are so proud of him!
I wish you could hear him play, he's so incredibly talented. Musical ability sort of runs in the family and he has definitely got it. Big HUGE thank you so much to Mom & Dad, for helping us make that happen for him!


  1. Sweet guitar!! You should video him playing it and put it on youtube, and then you can post it on your blog! I want to hear him play!

  2. other child "Not Me" must have made a visit to your place. Sorry, but he was responsible for breaking the guitar. He is pretty mischievious, and I was wondering where he went this week. Glad to hear that Nate is doing so well with school and life. You should post him playing again, that was great!

  3. SWEET!! Rock on Nate!! Babuska in RU

  4. NOt only is that child smart and talented, he is cute too! You must be so proud of him and rightfully so.